Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whirl-a-Style Review

 If you have longer hair like I do and you have a job or hobby that requires you to keep your hair up and out of the way? I have the product for you. Whirl-A-Style is a great way to keep your hair neatly in place while adding some flair to your do. Whirl-A-Style is great for dancers, chefs, cheerleaders, women in uniform and basically anyone that needs or wants their hair up.

Whirl-A-Style sent me one of their hair stylers to try. .
 We watched their video on YouTube and gave it a try. It was a bit tricky the first time to put in, but then became like second nature. Here is a video to show how to put in the classic bun.
 Overall I really like the Whirl-A-Style. They come in several colors and sizes for creating exactly the look you want. You can even combine several stylers to make your own unique do.
 Whirl-A-Style is the kind of company I like. They are trying to do some good in the world.
From Their website:

Nothing brings us more joy than being able to do our part in making this a better world! We want to help create a better world for the next generations.
Whirl-a-Style has been involved in a number of community outreach projects.  Our newest venture involves support in the country of Laos. We are helping women who have been victims of sex trafficking.  We help to restructure their lives, so they will get out and begin to re-build their lives.  We are honored to work with these women and the non-profit organization that has resolved to help them find another way.  We are also grateful to Swee-keng of the US Consulate in Hong Kong who has introduced us to their needs and asked for our support.
Whirl-a-Style actively helps to provide beauty education and hairstyling products for women who have been saved from the sex trade, so they have an economic means with which to sustain themselves.  We are eager to share those success stories as they unfold.
Want to read more about Whirl-A-Style's mission? Go to :
Want to try Whirl-A-Style? Here is the link to find a store near you.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Make Time For Change

  and Jennifer Garner are asking everyone to set a place at their "virtual kid's table" for a child in need.

This great new campaign supports Save the Children's

efforts and ensures that kids have access to healthy foods this holiday season and all year long. Starting today, at, when you set a place at the virtual kids' table, Frigidaire will donate $1 to support Save the Children's work to help children in need in the U.S., as part of their $500,000 commitment to this worthy cause[1].  Plus, to help spread the word, everyone who participates will be entered for a chance to win a new Frigidaire Professional® Range.